The movement science option at CSUSM integrates the biological, physical, behavioral and social sciences in the study of physical activity and sport. Students will dive into these dynamics and examine their effect on the fitness and quality of life of people across the lifespan.

The Movement Science Option Will Prepare Students to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of fundamental principles of kinesiology and apply kinesiology related skills to empirical research, internships, field experience and/or service learning.
  • Examine movement science questions through:
    • The performance of health, fitness and movement assessment,
    • The acquisitions, analysis and interpretation of original data, and
    • The procurement, appraisal and application of information from current research literature.
  • Use oral and written communication that meets appropriate professional and scientific standards in kinesiology
  • Model behavior consistent with that of a kinesiology professional, including advocacy for a healthy, active lifestyle; adherence to professional ethics; service to others; shared responsibility and successful collaboration with peers; and pursuit of learning beyond CSUSM

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